Go Your Own Way: Stevie Nicks Style!

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Go Your Own Way: Stevie Nicks Style!

The Queen of Rock inspires fashion through the decades.

Leather, lace and florals: they've stolen our hearts this season! But if we really think about it...when have they ever over stayed their welcome? These trends have effortlessly evolved over the years since they first took center stage in the late 70s and early 80s.  We believe we have one rock star fashion influence to thank.  
Stevie Nicks brought these trends to the forefront of fashion, so it's no surprise she was our inspiration for this month's sale theme: Leather and Laced.  
Stevie said "no" to conventional ideas and found ways to push boundaries. If you look at her amazing wardrobe, you can see she wasn't afraid to take risks and combine textures, patterns, and structures in her garments.  We have seen designers through the decades transform these trends in new ways to keep them current, time and time again, thus placing one of our all time favorite styles into our timeless and trendy vault.  Stevie's style influence has come full circle and keeps finding ways to continuously inspire. You can see it in the way a leather jacket can take any look from traditional, to edgy and chic.  How lace and floral appliqués aren't just for the innocent.  We are even seeing velvet, lace up, ruffles and bell sleeves making a fresh statement in this spring's hottest styles. All we have to say is thank goodness for Stevie Nicks and the risks she was willing to take to go her own way!





















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