Mental Vacay!

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Mental Vacay!

In this fast paced life, we sometimes forget to take a breath and revel in the simple joys.  I took a moment for myself lately and joined my family on vacation in Emerald Isle, North Carolina this past week.  It got me thinking that slowing down and taking time to reflect and feel grateful is so important to our mental and physical health.  We as a society don't do that often enough.  I wondered why? 
What makes us this way?  After spending time staring into the ocean (the best medicine by the way) and doing some serious pondering it became very clear and it wasn't the answer I expected.  We're always trying to better our life's, move forward and grow.  While that doesn't necessarily translate to a negative way of thinking it tends to become an angsty energy that creates competition within yourself rather than gratitude for what you have accomplished and inspiration to pursue positivity.

Here are some ways I've found that stopping, taking a minute and resetting have in turn helped me really focus in on achieving goals in a more positive fashion while also keeping my mental and physical health more maintained.

1.)  Writing it out!

Having a notebook to jot down ideas, thoughts or goals is so essential.  It's like my own personal therapy session.  I can express what I'm thinking or feeling, see it on paper and make a little more sense of it.  It helps me with reasoning and decision making and that's something that offers piece of mind.

2.)  Meditating

Ok! So I know some people would roll their eyes but it truly does so much for me.  I had no clue how to go about this at first but a friend suggested an app called 'Headspace' where you can work through different phases of meditation with a guide who walks you step by step.  Even if it's 10 minutes in the morning before you start your day it can set the tone for a much more positive environment.

3.)  A vacation!!!

While I know timing and life may not be ideal for everyone to take a vacation, it honestly is so important for you to vacay the premise of life for a moment and breathe.  That being said, there are multiple ways to take a vacation that won't break the bank.  Even if it's a staycation where you seclude yourself in your room, turn on the AC, your netflix or a good book and a bottle of wine. You're giving yourself a chance to zen out and recharge which will set you up to come back to reality on your A GAME! 

You can never forget that your well being is so important.  Taking care of yourself first will ensure you can project happiness and electric energy to others!


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